March 2018

Posting Political Views on Facebook

Submitted by Adrian on

 I rarely post my political views on FB. At times though, I feel it's important to express my opinion or to take a stand on certain issues. 

But I have been extremely disappointed and disheartened by what happens when I do express myself politically. 

Suddenly I'm hosting a battle that I don't feel prepared to deal with. Nor do I care to be a referee in an argument on my social media page. 

Name calling on my posts is unacceptable. I have been upset by it and at a loss about how to handle it. This is the reason for this post. Please keep reading. 

We all have a right to our opinions and to voice those opinions. I will read what you have to say on my thread and even though I may disagree with you, you have a right to respectfully express your opinion. Educate me, if need be. I haven't stopped learning. 

In the future, if I choose to post something political, you're welcome to state your opinion for or against my views. Enlighten me with your point of view respectfully if you like. 

But I will delete any comments that include name calling or being disrespectful of myself or anyone else on my thread. 

Thank you for reading.

As you should.  Opinion has been the thing that moves us forward and it is opinion that is also a gauge as to how far we have progressed.  

Yes, sharing your thoughts seem to give others reason and excuse to behave as children.  In that matter people in this country have lost what it means to be adults.  There are many reasons for this kind of behavior (and I am not trying to justify it) and with this in mind I do strive to try to understand it because without understanding it one cannot formulate productive ways to combat such behaviors.

Yes, there is too much of that going on here and I have run across it a lot myself so your experiences are not isolated in the least.

This is very sound, fair and generous on your part (much more so that those who express their disrespectful and possibly hateful rhetoric).

This is the exact strategy I follow though I do add a caveat to my actions.  I generally give them a warning before deleting their post.  I try to make sure they know why it is being deleted, that it is not their point of view but the way they are expressing it.  I do not know their previous experiences online, but I suspect they might be used to *fighting* with others rather than discussing with others.  So in order to try to initiate discussion rather than dissention I give them the opportunity to edit their statement to one more civil.  I will tell them that I show respect to all and if they cannot do the same then their opinion is not welcome.  

Many think I should not be so reconciling but I prefer to try to foster acceptance, provide an opportunity to not have to be guarded or fearful of attack of their opinions and views.  

The order of the day is Unity and we have to learn that Unity does not mean sameness. We can be unified and still have differing thoughts, ideas, etc.  In fact the strength of unity IS all the differences.  It makes for a wealth of experience, knowledge and resources.

So hang in there, don’t lose faith and don’t let the negativity bring you down.  The Major Plan is for our evolution to the next level.  All of us either voluntarily (or kicking and screaming).