October 2013

What is Ruhi?

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Here on Northern Illinois Baha'is there is a lot of mention about Ruhi classes so I decided to include this short explanation of what Ruhi is for those who are curious about it.

Bahá'ís everywhere are engaged in a global process of learning that is helping to build their capacity to apply the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh (the Prophet Founder of the Bahá'í Faith) to the transformation of society.

The purpose of Bahá'í study circles is to provide participants with the knowledge, spiritual insights and skills to enable them to contribute to the betterment of society, starting with their own neighborhood. This is done through systematic study of a sequence of courses based on the Bahá'í Writings using the courses of the Ruhi Institute.

The Ruhi Institute is an educational institution which dedicates its efforts to the development of human resources for the spiritual, social, and cultural development of people. It has formulated its strategies within a special framework and a philosophy of social change, development and education.

It has emerged from an effort to apply Bahá'í principles to improve the social condition.

Bahá'ís identify two parallel processes operating at all levels—village, town, nation, and global society.

1) Human society is suffering from a process of disintegration that manifests itself in wars, terrorism, chaos, physical and psychological insecurity, and a widespread condition of material poverty.

2) Forces of integration are moving individuals and groups toward the adoption of new values, new forms of organization, and appropriate structures that can lay the foundation for the establishment of a new social order.

The Ruhi Institute tries to understand the process of the transformation of human society in terms of a far more complex set of interactions between two parallel developments: the transformation of the individual, and the deliberate creation of the structures of a new society.

Study circles are held all around the United States (and the world) and are open to all.

Study circles are held in an uplifting environment conducive to the spiritual empowerment of individuals, who come to see themselves as active agents of their own learning.

Ruhi Books:

Book 1: Reflections on the Life of the Spirit This book can be used as an introduction to people investigating the Faith, or as a study of fundamental principles by people already familiar with the teachings.

Book 2: Arising to Serve This book aims at developing specific acts of service, providing tools to raise up human resources capable of fostering the growth of the community with efficiency and love.

Book 3: Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 1 This book reviews the importance of education, and gives tools for teachers. The classes include games, songs, and various arts and crafts.

Book 4: The Twin Manifestations This book reviews the importance of the Bahá'í revelation, and retells many of the famous stories of the two founding prophets of the Bahá'í Faith.

Book 5: Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth The fifth book in the sequence trains individuals to facilitate Junior Youth groups, which are for ages 12-15.

Book 6: Teaching the Cause This book is intended to enhance the participants' understanding of the spiritual significance of teaching, and the attributes that a teacher of the Cause should strive to acquire.

Book 7: Walking Together on a Path of Service This book teaches of the spiritual dynamics of service. It gives tools and practice to those people interested in becoming tutors.

Book 8: The Covenant of Bahá'u'lláh

This book covers:

1) The Center of the Covenant and His Will and Testament
2) The Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith
3) The Administrative Order


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