March 2023

Agreeing with Morgan Freeman, Just Not Today

Submitted by Adrian on
Morgan Freeman


I will agree that Black History Month needs to go away, but now is not the time for that to happen. White people are always sharing this meme thinking that because Morgan Freeman said it that all Black people agree with him. Well, it is not that simple.

Currently Black history is under attack. White people are afraid of Black History because when Black History is told, White people are uncomfortable, they don't want to be reminded of the omissions that are a regular part of how history has been taught and how history is taught.

Mr. Freeman asks the question "how would you like it if we dedicated one month out of the year as white history month?" I guess White people think this question will infuriate Black people. Truth is that it has already been happening, except, instead of it being called White History Month, it's called "HISTORY" and is celebrated 365/24/7. What White people don't want to be reminded of is that our generic History classes ARE the telling of White History, and that Black History Month is a month of reminding White people that Black people have a history too.

As far as my being referred to as Black man and you being referred to as White? It's not as important as White people think. Personally, as long as you are respectful, that is what matters, and referring to one's color is acknowledging that you DO see me (that I'm not invisible). The problem with distinguishing Black and White is when one's color determines how one is treated, when it determines one's status in society, when it denies or opens opportunities, THAT is when it is a problem.

The issue of Race does not exist because we talk about it, it exists because of the systems that are in place that routinely treats one race better than another, a system that denies basic human rights to a group of people. a system that routinely is punitive and unjust because of the color of one's skin.

We cannot let it go, to let it die in the past because it is still going on today. Right now there are forces fighting to deny people of color the right to vote. There are forces that wish to outlaw the teaching of Black History under the guise of "Critical Race Theory" (which has now become a dog whistle for Black History, calling out Racism and anything else having to do with Black people) because they feel learning about it will "indoctrinate" their children causing then not to be as racist as they are.

We should not focus on building a future where we aren't Black/White, we should build a future were we love each other, whoever we are, to treat each other with respect, accept each other as fellow humans and to institute JUSTICE for all peoples. To take care of ALL PEOPLE, not limited by color.