November 2012

An Observation, now that the election is over.

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Now that the election is over I have a couple of observation/thoughts I wish to express.

The first of these is that as Bahá’ís we are encouraged to stay out of conflict and contention, which are the characteristics of our partisanship politics practiced in our current political system.   Being Bahá’í is about coming together, working together for the greater good of all humanity.

Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of the Bahá’í Faith also has told the Bahá’ís to be active and loyal to our government and here in the United States it means to vote our individual conscience when there is a local, state or national election and not to participate in the “which party is better, or this candidate is better” mudslinging that always seems to come up..

Now back to my observation.  Last night while watching the News, the cameras were showing the two different camps (Again, there is no judgment being made, just an observation, no discussion or comments about why one got elected over the other,  just that the people present were 100% behind their candidate.  In fact at that point in time, no clear winner had been projected.  These are observations only); The Romny camp was made up of many people, but there was not much diversity in this group.  In general, they looked cut from the same cloth.  The Obama camp was made up of people that could have been cut from the Romny camp, alongside those people were Asians, Indians, Hispanics, people of color and people of Arab descent, there were groups of women in the crowd and they were all happy and smiling, taking joy from each other, feeling the energy flow, the energy that generates whenever you have such a diverse group of people coming together for the greater good.

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