God Bless America

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In the news this week was word that Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” had been banned by the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers.  The reason for this ban was because it was learned that Ms. Smith had recorded some songs that were considered racist.  The songs pointed out were “That’s Why Darkies Were Born,” and “Pickaninny Heaven. Along with that I sense that people are judging Ms. Smith as being racist for singing these songs, which truthfully do contain wording that is fundamentally racist.  

My thoughts on Mr. Cosby

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As everyone has heard, this week Actor/Comedian Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years for sexual assault.  There has been a great deal of conversation, mostly bad and condemning of Mr. Cosby.  I, personally, have stayed out of the conversation (until now).  Honestly I am torn with what has happened.  I will not go into too much detail except to say that a part of me is very sad about what happened and I wish he had not been found guilty.  That is a part of the reason I have stayed out of it and before you start attacking me for feeling this way I will tell you why I feel this way.

Wedding – May 9, 1982

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Well folks, 36 years ago today, I remember picking up my soon-to-be and going to the florist to pick up flowers to take to our soon-to-be wedding. We were standing there with a room full of last minute Mother’s Day Flower purchasers. I remember Nancy speaking up from the back of the line informing everyone that were were there to pick up the flowers we had reserved for our wedding. Like the red sea parting for Moses, all the guys separated so we could go to the counter pick up our flowers.

Once we were outside of Foundation Hall at the Bahá’í House of Worship I was amazed at all the people who were there to witness today’s event. I remember being in a daze throughout the ceremony but I do remember distinctly that I did not fumble my Bahá’í Wedding Vow “We will all, verily, abide by the Will of God” (which did concern me a great deal because I have never been comfortable speaking while the world was watching).

Posting Political Views on Facebook

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 I rarely post my political views on FB. At times though, I feel it's important to express my opinion or to take a stand on certain issues. 

But I have been extremely disappointed and disheartened by what happens when I do express myself politically. 

Suddenly I'm hosting a battle that I don't feel prepared to deal with. Nor do I care to be a referee in an argument on my social media page. 

Name calling on my posts is unacceptable. I have been upset by it and at a loss about how to handle it. This is the reason for this post. Please keep reading. 

We all have a right to our opinions and to voice those opinions. I will read what you have to say on my thread and even though I may disagree with you, you have a right to respectfully express your opinion. Educate me, if need be. I haven't stopped learning. 

Chinese artist chosen for MLK monument

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Original Facebook Post:

Yes this article is 10 years old and the monument is finished and dedicated but i ask the question now, "Was this a slap in the face to Black People to have a monument to one of our most famous/influential figures rendered by someone of a different experience?"
I was surprised (and somewhat disappointed) when I learned of this.

The posted Article:

State NAACP joins protest of Chinese artist chosen for MLK monument

The California branch of the NAACP has joined a growing protest against the selection of a Chinese artist to sculpt the tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. planned for the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump’s 10-Point Plan For Black America

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Now that Mr. Trump has been elected President of the United States we have seen him making a great many unpopular decisions.  I am not here to add to that discourse as there already have been millions of other Americans of all backgrounds who have taken on that rhetoric.  I would like to try to redirect some of the conversation to one area where we might be able to get Mr. Trump to follow through and take action on some (possibly) positive items he has put down in writing.

I am including Mr. Trump’s 10 Point Plan for Black America.  This document probably marks the first time ANY President has presented a strategy designed to uplift the Black Community on a national level. I feel this would be a good opportunity to initiate a discussion about something that can achieve some good in an environment where there is a lot of despair and fear being brought forth.

Meeting Nancy (8-16-1981)

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It was about August 9, 1981, and I was visiting the Baha’i House of Worship which was something I did a lot when I ran into my friend Charles Young.  He invited me down to his neighborhood the following Sunday to meet at the South Shore Country Club to see Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie. This sounded great to me as the Count Basie Orchestra is my all time favorite musical group and Dizzy Gillespie is the Father of Be-Bop and is also a fellow Baha’i.  The South Shore Country Club is a big place but Charles told me that to find the other Baha’is all I will have to do it look for the balloons.

The Black History of the White House

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“I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”
-Michelle Obama

These words were spoken by Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention and with these words have come much curiosity.

Yes!  This is true.  The White House and a great deal of Washington D.C. were built by free men and slave labor.  Slaves were used to perform many of the tasks and functions necessary, unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled. Most of these slaves were leased or rented from their owners.  

A couple of years ago I read a book that went into this as well as many little known facts surrounding the White House.  The title of the book is “The Black History of the White House” and besides being a history of the White House from the “Black” point of view, and showing the history of Black people.  

Thoughts on Personalizing Diversity

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Today, before work, I went out for breakfast and while there a fairly large group of people came in.  I was not sure as to their ethnic background but I am somewhat sure that they were of Muslim background (the restaurant is across the street from a Mosque). As I watched them I was taken with a "spirit" that seemed to emanate from them and that got me to thinking about some of my attitudes.

As an African American, born here in the U. S. and raised in a society that is slow to accept minorities I got to thinking about some of the difficulties and barriers they face as immigrants. I am aware that it is not easy for them, leaving their homeland, and coming here to make a fresh start, and create a new life. I put myself in their shoes and realize how hard that can be and this is something I had not thought about before.